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I write custom WordPress plugins for awesome people.

Having worked as a developer on large PHP web apps and tweaks to WordPress sites, I know how to write code that is clean, extensible and reliable using current best practices.

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    Software Engineer
    PHP, React, design patterns, WordPress plugin development
Photo: Bielsko-Biała, Poland - the city where I live

My primary focus is back-end development, most of the time in PHP – the language that powers WordPress. With years of experience as a full-stack developer, I am also fluent on the front-end and I am familiar with React and modern tools and technologies.

I put an emphasis on keeping the code I write clean utilizing proven software design patterns. Software architecture is a subject I am strongly interested in.

I am also proficient in writing automated tests for the code that I write to make sure it is as reliable as possible.

After work, I enjoy making music and I am currently working on building my knowledge in the field of music theory. My instrument of choice is the bass guitar.

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Waclaw Jacek